Salute Records

Fall of Eden Records (United Kingdom)

A trade was done some years back I sended my part of it (a rare original tape with old swedish Rosicrucian), the man behind the label never sent his part of the trade (a couple of cd´s from the labels releases) even after I reminded him a couple of times he always had some excuses for it. And still today nothing have been sent in return. So beware of this label as it is probably not to be trusted.

Alemsahim / BandArt & logo designer/artist (Mexico)

Ripped me off several years back after contact with the guy on facebook,  I sended my part of the trade (a big one too) that included both vinyls, cd´s and tapes and in return "nothing". Even 2, 3 years later he had some bad excuses like I have moved to Brazil and will fix it when I returns to Mexico and things like that. 
So beware of this guy, he is maybe a great artist, but not a person to trust, if you ever plan to do a trade or else with him make sure that you get your part first !!

CHRISTIAN FELIPE PAUCAR TOLEDO (Peru) - PROBABLY THE MOST KNOWN RIP OFF PERSON/IDIOT IN THIS WORLD !! Have ripped of so many labels, bands and others and it never stops !

This man cheated/fooled me totally back in the early days (2008) when I was new on the scene with Salute Records. Back then he said he was writing for the south american zine HEADBANGER MAGAZINE and promised free compilation CD´s with my bands on it, interviews and reviews. I trusted the guy "stupid as I was" and sended a big bunch of CD´s, tapes and flyers etc, don´t even remember how much. The months went on and nothing happened and nothing was sent in return, the year after I realized who he was and what he did in his miserable life, much thanks to others that reported about him on the net. So this guy is "never" meant to trust and do not ever send anything to him. He goes with many names and changes accounts with new names all the time. Sometime he figures as a label owner, the next that he writes for a fanzine/magazine. He have also used other peoples names and tried to cheat others, thanks to his sick& weird methods those peopls often have been blamed without understanding and had got in trouble thanks to CHRISTIAN FELIPE. After the period I was active on MySpace he started to contact me again some years later on facebook, but also to my e-mails (in fact the same e-mails he contacted me back in 2008). He have worked with this rip off methods for probably decades by now and he will probably not stop with it if not someone puts a stop/end to him or if he dies naturally, sad but true story !!

For the moment I don´t know any working website to this guy as I have a blocklist that include several ones of him and don`t want to lock him up.

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